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Covid19 Safety Concept

Registration & "2,5G-Rule"

Participation to the Conference is only possible if you are symptom-free, are not registered as a category
1 contact person with the authorities and adhere to the "2,5G rule", which stand for evidence of a low
epidemiological risk. We will check the "2,5G rule" upon desk registration at conference site. Personal of the University

of Vienna might check the "2.5G rule" already when entering the Main Building.

Accepted types of evidence: tested, vaccinated or recovered:


  • PCR test (e.g. “Alles gurgelt” (everbody gargle) initiative in Vienna): 48 hours for persons over the age of 12


  • Immunisation by two partial vaccinations: From the day of the second vaccination with an EMA-approved vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, the proof of vaccination is valid for 270 days.

  • Immunisation by single dose vaccination (e.g. Johnson & Johnson): From the 22nd day after vaccination with an EMA-approved vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 with only one dose, the proof of vaccination is valid for 270 days.

  • Immunisation by vaccination of convalescents: Provided that a positive molecular biology test for SARS-CoV-2 was available at least 21 days prior to vaccination or evidence of neutralising antibodies is already available at the time of vaccination, proof of vaccination is valid for 270 days from the time of first vaccination with an EMA-approved vaccine against SARS-CoV-2.


  • Person who have recovered from a SARS-CoV-2 infection do not have to present a negative test result if their official notice for self-isolation (‘Absonderungsbescheid’) was not issued more than 180 days ago.

  • Laboratory tests for antibodies are valid for 90 days.


According to the Covid safety concept of the University of Vienna, the regulations apply in the currently
valid version. A high level of self-responsibility and mutual consideration of all participants inside and
outside the event is required.


The current COVID-19 hygiene and conduct regulations are:

  • PCR-Tested, recovered, vaccinated (2,5 G)

Only come to the University if you have been PCR-tested or vaccinated,

or if you have recovered from a COVID-19 infection.

  • Mandatory use of FFP2 face masks

Wearing a FFP2 face mask is mandatory in all public interior spaces of the University of Vienna.

This also applies to the venue if more than one person is present in the room,

unless all persons present have been tested or vaccinated or have recovered from a

COVID-19 infection.

  • Wash your hands

Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water or with alcohol hand sanitiser.



  • Respiratory hygiene

Cover your mouth and nose with a disposable tissue or the crook of your arm when coughing or sneezing.


  • Open the windows regularly and sanitise work areas

Open the windows regularly and use disinfectant to clean workstations or equipment that are being used by more than one person.



  • Avoid using the lifts
    Do not use lifts, if possible, or use them alone.

Please observe the COVID-19 hygiene and conduct regulations of the University of Vienna here.

Travel | cancellation | health insurance:

The risk that you may incur additional financial expenses due to cancellations, illnesses and | or interruption
of the Conference is expressly pointed out. Please check whether you can take out travel | cancellation
| health insurance covering all risks in good time before the start of your trip. Keep in mind that the
Conference could be cancelled at short notice due to new infection situations and | or the changed official or
university regulations.

Be aware of the special risk when traveling abroad of the lack of return transportation options in the event
of illness and of expenses that may become necessary due to return transportation, extended stays, visits to
relatives, etc.

If measures must be taken during the Conference (e.g., cancellation due to the infection situation, etc.),
which lead to a cancellation, medical treatment, an early or later return, a termination on your part or a
cancellation or termination of the entire event, you will bear all additional costs incurred yourself. This
applies regardless of the cause of the measure (decision of the authorities, decision of the organization
management, termination for an important reason).

Suspected COVID and infection outside and inside the venue:

If you have symptoms outside or inside the venue, have had contact with an infected person, or have
tested positive, please report - with an FFP2 mask - immediately to the Covid representative. 

You will have to leave the conference to your place of residency without using publich transport.

The health authorities can be notified at any time using the telephone number 1450, and the Covid representative will be happy to assist

you with any contact with authorities. The responsible authorities will order a PCR test and request quarantine

until the PCR test is evaluated (expected duration: 12-24 hours). If the PCR test is positive you have to inform the Covide represenative. The
respective requirements of the responsible authorities are to be followed. The Covid representative of the Conference is available for any contact with authorities.

Disclaimer of the University of Vienna

The participants confirm during the registration process, that they have received the information and that they will
comply with the given regulations. In addition to a duty of care in dealing with others, the participants
accept the exclusion of liability of the University of Vienna for any disadvantages they may suffer
because of COVID-19.



I hereby confirm that I have been informed of the possible risks and that I am participating in the Conference
with knowledge of the risk.

I take note of the above- mentioned regulations in their current version. I agree that the University of
Vienna assumes no liability for any disadvantages or (consequential) damages that I may suffer
because of COVID-19 concerned cancellation, termination or infection, my behavior, and the behavior
of the participants or third parties.

At the time of registration for the Conference, I am aware of the benefits of having travel | cancellation |
health insurance that covers all risks and have been informed of the consequences of not being covered
for additional expenses.


Link collection

Safety and hygiene regulations at the University of Vienna:

Safety and hygiene regulations of the Austrian health authorities:

Current information on coronavirus in the city of Vienna:

Test offers of the city of Vienna:

Emergency phone numbers

144  (without area code): paramedic | emergency doctor when one of the following applies:
- acute pain
- shortness of breath
- high fever

1450 (without area code): in case of Covid-typical symptoms that appear: -
- cough
- fever
- sore throat
- shortness of breath, as well as in case of
- Contact with infected persons
- positive test result of an antigen tes

COVID Representative: Sebastian Harnacker, BA;

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