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14-16 September 2022, VIENNA


Coffeehouse Conversations

Espanet participants will have the possibility to join a coffeehouse conversation, with a focused menu of questions about the themes of the conference to make it a productive and honest intro to the city, for outsiders.

The coffeehouse conversation will begin at 19:00 in cafe ministerium, in front of the social ministry and Otto Wagner's postsparkasse, on tues 13 sept. Tickets cost €11 per person and can be payed in cash on site. Please register via e-mail here (First come, first served)

espanet vienna, espanet 2022, EUGENE QUINN CAFEHAUS

Social Housing Tour - Pioneering 1920s social housing tour

"Vienna was the first city in the world to democratically elect a socialist government, in May 1919. The context of that May 1919 victory in city elections is important: Vienna was a deeply poor city at the time, with great inequality, and rampant tuberculosis. Amongst the visionary projects initiated by 'Red Vienna' was iconic social housing along Vienna's Beltroad, designed to rival the bourgeois Ring down town. These housing blocks still work in 2022, featuring internal courtyards, green space, light, art and communal areas. We will explore seven contrasting examples, in conversation with residents, to get a feeling for how they function, and also how they have been adapted for changing lifestyles and expectations. This is a critical tour, led by Eugene Quinn, who also makes walks looking at smells, liveability, smart city, Soviet influence, feminism for men, the midnight city and even a naked tour."

For the 2 hour tour of social housing, we would meet at U4 Margaretenguertel (1050).
Tickets cost €10 per person and can be payed in cash on site.


espanet vienna, espanet 2022, Eugene Quinn
Register for the Social Housing Tour

Thanks for registering. See you there!

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